Saturday, December 25, 2010

Until Master Has me Mounded

"I've seen photos of someone doing and exterior mounding using a kind of glue that adheres to skin and requires a solvent to remove. Essentially they pushed the balls up into the body, pushed the penis downward and glued it back so the tip pointed to the anus, and then they took the empty scrotum and glued it together so that it looked like a pussy mound." Master Chirenon wrote recently.

 Master Chirenon <"Santa Baby, Santa Cutie"> oooh Please make me do this please, i'll be a very good girl if You say "Yes". 

On Master's blog a post, "Fingering The Boy Mound", has gotten me very excited.

Master Chirenon, i want to do this to myself. Oh My Gawd Sir, i need this so badly.

The Gift That KEEPS Giving

Master Chirenon, THANK-YOU for making me feel this sexy all the time and training me to 'always want it'.

i wonder if You have any thoughts on the sissy's voice? Particularly should a sissy lisp? i have met Doms before who thought while in male-mode (working) that an increasing femmie appearance was important, and the lisping while a boi was desireable. i am excited by these concepts, definitely sarah's voice is a dead give away. Voice training is a major undertaking, that i am not suggesting happen yet . . .

. . . although, i was thinking as a help to keep my fire burning at this busy time of year, to attempt lisping thoughts into a tape recorder, then transcribing them into a blog post. Perhaps, helping my speach, definitely helping my reauired level of horniness, oozing and sweet frustration. i did do this variation today, with limited success.

Left to my own devices, i can lisp reasonably well, i think, but i read that with a simple oral-roof-block (for want of the correct name here) lisping is more natural. i recall the bit mentioning parafin wax, maybe even chewing gum in a pinch, stuck to the mouth's roof. Alters the shape/space, changes the pitch, etc. i did put something in my mouth, the fit was poor, the effect hardly better than without. However, the concept is interesting.

It is fatiquing writing with a lisp, i will spare us all that . . . reading all those "th"s instead of "s"s is boring, i think. Don't think doing so here would add value to my denied status here and now.

Friday, December 24, 2010

sweet edging emissions

Master Chirenon, this is my penlight battery sized clitty.

But with a rose tatt, and laces, ribbons and plastic wrap i feel proper and sensible.
Before realizing this morning, i'd unwrapped a "maxi pad" instead of a panty liner for my dribbles of sweet denial. How ironic after recently smarting-off to Master about their size being too much for princess'es tears, the tape peeled and girdle on-open-and-and-waiting, i adhered the pad considerably more forward than normal.

Well, now don't i feel foolish:

-the tightness of the girdle, and the aiming of my limp clitty backward caused my pompoms to spill out either side of the pad. With the girdle up, i had a lovely camel-toe front.
Very very nice

-i found that i was walking with smaller steps and more closed tighs, making a lovely sensation for both my clitty and pompoms, and more important helping with my swish

-after a hard day's teasing is over and all my tubes are brimming with unreleased sissy-sperm, and i need to tinkle, it should be good to wear a maxi pad. Here's why: when in this state of post-teasing i could wear a diaper (don't but i could) after i peepee i need to go again, then again, then . . . This only happens when it has been a long day of teasing denial. i have read others mention the same. Anyway, i can see a maxipad for these times too

All of which goes to prove, Master Chirenon knows His girl best again afterall.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Only Memories Now

Poor sarah, not for her.

  Masters and Mistresses can of course, and big girls too, but as long as Master Chirenon says so, i cannot. i dare not ever make a deliberate sissy-spill like she has, ever again. Master is right, always, knowing i am far further ahead WITHOUT reliving the errors of my past. W/we both know i am best behaved, most pleasing and obedient if my sissy sperm stays inside me.

Even after all this time denied, with Master's intentions well understood, my clitty still tries to engorge sometimes, and my swollen pompoms feel so ever-present and so puffy between my tighs. Squeezing my tighs together feels so nice, i can feel my princess weep precummie tears into my plastic wrap.

  Poor sarah not for her. Only dominant Girls with BIG clitties get this sarah. No, you're better off in complete denial.

i can still remember the orgasmic feelings these girls are having, the pumping contractions as the warm jets of sissy juice spurted, or trickled is more like it. i haven't gotten to eat my cummies in so long now. Finishing properly was never a concern, nor needed to be a Rule, in my case. In truth, i miss eating my orgasms, a lot. Which in the long term is probably a good thing, as i will now naturally increase my desire to suck Someone for my missing nutrition. Silver linings everywhere.

But of course, i realize these a Big Girls with implants, who are certainly not sissies. And, not lucky to have Master Chirenon's loving guidance. i am better suited, better off, craving constantly. Master has seen to it that i remain always balanced right on the edge, helpless to do anything but embrace the sexual tension, and keep focused on pleasing Master Chirenon.

Yesterday, Master created the most sexy artwork yet, and i think He knows what the effect to me is, without my even having to say. 'Sounding' is hands-down my favorite favorite sissy-playtime activity. Master Chirenon thinks my sounding is perfect for me too. He knows my passion for Ironman (my lover -slash- urethal sound kit), best of all Master Chirenon knows Ironman does not let me cum either. When Ironman is finished fucking my clitty, she is plastic wrapped without relief.

Master Chirenon was so loving and almost apologetic the day He told me that Ironman would not be visiting me again until my progress with my fannie friends radically improves. Master wants me work toward nightly bedtime penetration, therefore getting my clitty fucked by Ironman has stopped until i learn to give and get sissy-pussy pleasure. Right now i am getting failing grades in giving myself this attention that Master has Instructed. This is not good, and must improve, i know.

All of my issues that are causing these delays have to do with a fanaticism about perfect hygenie, and getting past the fatique and into some proper intimate washing. In other words, i haven't been spending proper time with my grooming to feel comfortable doing this enough. Ironically, i love love love being filled, i just need to practice more frequent douching. This is certainly one of my goals, an old habit that needs to be re-something'ed. Done more often. Just Do It sarah . . .

Saturday, December 18, 2010


It had finally happened, sissy sarah got what she wished for. Just days ago, Master Chirenon made His latest 'improvement' to sarah's sexual behavior. Master Chirenon concluded that "proper and sensible" for sarah is, No Cumming At All, and No Cumming Ever Again.

Hi everyone, i am sarah. my sissy sexuality has been completely controlled by Master Chirenon, since August 2010. i call this place CLITTY LIPS because lips talk, and my Master knows when i talk these days, it is mostly of the extreme hunger for release, a hunger that has become my life. Needless to say, i had a small penis, but always did pretend i had a sissy-clitty instead. Clitty Lips, for me, is a Magic Place but for now Master has decided my clitty cannot be touched and my clitty lips are going to learn to LEAK BIG TIME.

Master Chirenon, wants me to learn more about my sissy-pussy's place in this new direction for seeking gratification. It is beginning to look like, that for me, sexual gratification is like attempting to take a close-up photograph of the horizon. Always out of reach, focus impossible . . . sexual frustration doesn't nearly begin to explain the sweet joy of this constant state of expecting an accident at any moment. Without any external touchings at all. i feel like i am going to have cummies nearly all the time.

Writing this blog increases my heat. The fire inside burns hotter still, knowing this is now a matter of full public record. It's like the humiliating thrill of being displayed with a freshly spanked bottom. Masters and submissives alike, all pretty much agree.

In my case, the blog is good because of the erotic exposure of having to confess, that i am Not Allowed to ever cum again.