Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Gift That KEEPS Giving

Master Chirenon, THANK-YOU for making me feel this sexy all the time and training me to 'always want it'.

i wonder if You have any thoughts on the sissy's voice? Particularly should a sissy lisp? i have met Doms before who thought while in male-mode (working) that an increasing femmie appearance was important, and the lisping while a boi was desireable. i am excited by these concepts, definitely sarah's voice is a dead give away. Voice training is a major undertaking, that i am not suggesting happen yet . . .

. . . although, i was thinking as a help to keep my fire burning at this busy time of year, to attempt lisping thoughts into a tape recorder, then transcribing them into a blog post. Perhaps, helping my speach, definitely helping my reauired level of horniness, oozing and sweet frustration. i did do this variation today, with limited success.

Left to my own devices, i can lisp reasonably well, i think, but i read that with a simple oral-roof-block (for want of the correct name here) lisping is more natural. i recall the bit mentioning parafin wax, maybe even chewing gum in a pinch, stuck to the mouth's roof. Alters the shape/space, changes the pitch, etc. i did put something in my mouth, the fit was poor, the effect hardly better than without. However, the concept is interesting.

It is fatiquing writing with a lisp, i will spare us all that . . . reading all those "th"s instead of "s"s is boring, i think. Don't think doing so here would add value to my denied status here and now.


  1. sarah --- your question about the lisp made me think of adhi's story, "A New Doll." If you haven't already read it, you should. I think you'll like it for a number of reasons: