Saturday, December 18, 2010


It had finally happened, sissy sarah got what she wished for. Just days ago, Master Chirenon made His latest 'improvement' to sarah's sexual behavior. Master Chirenon concluded that "proper and sensible" for sarah is, No Cumming At All, and No Cumming Ever Again.

Hi everyone, i am sarah. my sissy sexuality has been completely controlled by Master Chirenon, since August 2010. i call this place CLITTY LIPS because lips talk, and my Master knows when i talk these days, it is mostly of the extreme hunger for release, a hunger that has become my life. Needless to say, i had a small penis, but always did pretend i had a sissy-clitty instead. Clitty Lips, for me, is a Magic Place but for now Master has decided my clitty cannot be touched and my clitty lips are going to learn to LEAK BIG TIME.

Master Chirenon, wants me to learn more about my sissy-pussy's place in this new direction for seeking gratification. It is beginning to look like, that for me, sexual gratification is like attempting to take a close-up photograph of the horizon. Always out of reach, focus impossible . . . sexual frustration doesn't nearly begin to explain the sweet joy of this constant state of expecting an accident at any moment. Without any external touchings at all. i feel like i am going to have cummies nearly all the time.

Writing this blog increases my heat. The fire inside burns hotter still, knowing this is now a matter of full public record. It's like the humiliating thrill of being displayed with a freshly spanked bottom. Masters and submissives alike, all pretty much agree.

In my case, the blog is good because of the erotic exposure of having to confess, that i am Not Allowed to ever cum again.