Friday, December 24, 2010

sweet edging emissions

Master Chirenon, this is my penlight battery sized clitty.

But with a rose tatt, and laces, ribbons and plastic wrap i feel proper and sensible.
Before realizing this morning, i'd unwrapped a "maxi pad" instead of a panty liner for my dribbles of sweet denial. How ironic after recently smarting-off to Master about their size being too much for princess'es tears, the tape peeled and girdle on-open-and-and-waiting, i adhered the pad considerably more forward than normal.

Well, now don't i feel foolish:

-the tightness of the girdle, and the aiming of my limp clitty backward caused my pompoms to spill out either side of the pad. With the girdle up, i had a lovely camel-toe front.
Very very nice

-i found that i was walking with smaller steps and more closed tighs, making a lovely sensation for both my clitty and pompoms, and more important helping with my swish

-after a hard day's teasing is over and all my tubes are brimming with unreleased sissy-sperm, and i need to tinkle, it should be good to wear a maxi pad. Here's why: when in this state of post-teasing i could wear a diaper (don't but i could) after i peepee i need to go again, then again, then . . . This only happens when it has been a long day of teasing denial. i have read others mention the same. Anyway, i can see a maxipad for these times too

All of which goes to prove, Master Chirenon knows His girl best again afterall.

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