Saturday, December 25, 2010

Until Master Has me Mounded

"I've seen photos of someone doing and exterior mounding using a kind of glue that adheres to skin and requires a solvent to remove. Essentially they pushed the balls up into the body, pushed the penis downward and glued it back so the tip pointed to the anus, and then they took the empty scrotum and glued it together so that it looked like a pussy mound." Master Chirenon wrote recently.

 Master Chirenon <"Santa Baby, Santa Cutie"> oooh Please make me do this please, i'll be a very good girl if You say "Yes". 

On Master's blog a post, "Fingering The Boy Mound", has gotten me very excited.

Master Chirenon, i want to do this to myself. Oh My Gawd Sir, i need this so badly.


  1. Girl, I want you to be very careful and approach this experiment thoughtfully, with many tests so that you understand how the adhesives work with your skin. Don't do anything that will cause yourself injury. With those considerations firmly in mind, I want you to begin to experiment with the external mounding procedure. I think it would be very good indeed for my girl to have a precious mound with only her clitty head exposed and pointed downward.

  2. I hope you're doing well and I hope you'll post again soon.

  3. Please let me know how it goes?